New concert dates

I couldn't really be more excited about the upcoming concerts, including my Schumann recital "Dreaming.Schumann" at the fantastic Edward M. Pickman Concert hall at Longy Music School of Bard College as well as the exceptionally beautiful and interesting Metropolitan Waterworks…

Concert pics 2/3/2019

What a wonderful audiance and a great historical venue. I enjoyed the old Steinway, the artwork and the performance with such an engaged, interested and kind audiance. Thank you!

Concert on the 1860's Streicher Piano from Vienna in Ashburnham

Playing on this instrument, which Schumann could have played himself, was a very inspiring experience. The incredible sound and the surprisingly advanced mechanics of the Streicher transformed my playing and made me think about Schumann in different ways than before…


City World Radio Network

Tune into tonight's show "Mia's World" of the City World Radio Network if you are up for some music online! Mia has selected several pieces for her show tonight at 7 pm and pieces from my recent album are among…


Clemens Teufel on Itunes, AppleMusic and Spotify

I am excited to announce that you can now also stream my recordings from most major streaming services.


Here are the some links:

Album with Gershwin and Hanson published

I am thrilled to announce that my album with music by Gershwin and Hanson is published! You can purchase the CD from my website, or download and stream the album from Apple music, Spotify and others. I hope you enjoy…

Concert and Masterclass in China

Having just returned from Beijing, where I conducted a masterclass at the music school of the Beijing Conservatory and performed a concert, I am sharing some impressions with you here:


Recording session successfull

Here is a glimpse of the recording session from November 11th with the amazing tone engineer, Travis Karpak from Futura Studios: